Example Syllabi +

Introduction to Electroacoustic Music (pdf)

Course Description: Students enrolled in Introduction to Electroacoustic Music will learn the basic principles of electroacoustic music through studying the history of electroacoustic music, basic acoustics, principles of both analog and digital audio, MIDI, synthesis, sampling, and interactive music software design. The course will survey current software for recording audio, manipulating audio, mixing audio signals, and sequencing both MIDI and audio data. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the course materials through their performance in projects, writing, and through the practical application of the techniques through original compositions.

Sound for Interactive Media (pdf)

Course Description: This course examines the theory and practice of video game audio. Students work in the Unity game engine and FMOD to design audio for a variety of game levels. Topics will include sound design, dynamic audio, coding basics, and spatial audio.

Audio Technology II (pdf)

Course Description: Students continue to study the principles of audio signals and the equipment used to record, process, and distribute audio content in this course. Sound in acoustical form is discussed in relation to studio acoustics. Students expand their understanding of signal flow of advanced audio systems by creating and reading complex block diagrams.

Electronics I (pdf)

Course Description: Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of electronics as they relate to audio production. Topics include Ohm’s Law, AC and DC circuits, basic troubleshooting for audio equipment, AC line voltage and filtered DC voltage, etc.

Acoustics (pdf)

Course Description: This course examines the physical behavior of sound indoors and outdoors. Topics include human hearing and the principles of psychoacoustics, sound propagation, transmission, reflection, diffraction, diffusion, noise reduction, basic studio and room acoustics, and sound isolation. Students will learn about the Ambisonic spatial audio format and how to mix for 3D audio.

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