Electroacoustic +

Discords (2018) for 3D audio, guitar amp, and small computer speakers.

*This is a binaural rendering and should be listened to with headphones*

High Quality .wav file (48k, 24 bit)

Written in the Ambisonic spatial audio format, Discords is intended for playback over a multi-channel speaker array (ideally 16 channels). In performance, the opening 0-1:06 is played through a guitar amp (stage right) and the ending 9:00-39 is played through small computer speakers (stage left). Sound is briefly sent to the guitar amp again from 4:25 to 5:15.

Subcellular Abstractions (2016) — 2-channel fixed media work written for audiovisual installation. Video

High quality .wav file (48k, 24-bit)

Ictus (2015) — 2-channel fixed media

High Quality .wav file (44.1k, 24-bit)

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