Michael Smith is a composer and sound designer based in San Diego, California. His experience includes composing for instruments and electronics, recording (studio and field), live sound reinforcement, sound design, and game audio implementation. He has received music degrees from University of Delaware (BM), University of Florida (MM), and University of North Texas (PhD). As an educator, Michael has taught various courses including audio recording, listening and analysis, audio for video games, introduction to electroacoustic music, and acoustics. His doctoral research involved the development of VRSoMa, an application for designing spatial audio within virtual reality.

Skills: Reaper, Pro Tools, Recording, Max/MSP, Unity, Fmod Studio, Wwise, Finale, Sibelius, Pure Data, QLab, Adobe Illustrator/Audition/Premiere/Photoshop, C# coding

Contact me at mike.noisemod@gmail.com


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